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1. Welcome!

Congratulations on the step you and your son have taken in joining the Boy Scouts of America and especially Troop 49. We hope you will have a rich experience working in this program. Like anything else in life, you/your son, will get as much out of Scouting as your/he puts into it. We hope this booklet of basic information and troop policies will assist you in learning how to make Boy Scouting a memorable experience within Troop 49.

A. Troop Information

Troop 49 is chartered by Sheridan Lutheran Church, 6955 Old Cheney Road, Lincoln, Nebraska 68516. Troop 49 has been continuously chartered since January 31, 1958. Cornhusker Council covers 17 counties in Southeastern Nebraska and maintains a Scout Camp near Humboldt, Nebraska called Camp Cornhusker. The council office is located at 600 South 120th Street outside of Walton.

B. Troop Organization

The Troop is divided into patrols, each led by a Patrol Leader and his assistant. The patrols are under the direction of the Senior Patrol Leader and his assistant. They run the troop meetings under the supervision of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. New Scouts are assigned to a patrol by the Scoutmaster. Patrol size is usually 6 to 8 boys. Boy leaders are elected every 6 months by the Boy Scouts. The Patrol Leader's Council consists of the elected boy leaders.

2. Troop Meetings

Troop meetings are held each Monday evening at Sheridan Lutheran Church. The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. unless designated otherwise. There is usually no troop meeting on the third Monday of the month, and the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) meets at this time. A Troop calendar is published annually at the end of August and is updated as necessary during the year. Be sure and post this calendar so you will know when meetings and activities are planned throughout the year. A short term calendar is part of our web site.

A. Absenteeism

In the event that a Scout will be absent or late to a troop meeting/camp out/activity, he should inform his patrol leader. If unable to reach the patrol leader, try and reach the Senior Patrol Leader. If unable to contact either, then call the Scoutmaster. Boys who know they have regular conflicts (such as sports on the same night) must inform the Troop Leaders and the Scoutmaster in advance of the absenteeism. Parents, when you discipline your son at home for bad behavior, please consider other options rather than keeping him from attending scout meetings/activities as punishment. The other Scouts and Scoutmaster rely on him to be there to do his job. Scouting helps the boy. There are other activities that do not. Please consider taking one of these away from him instead.

B. Conduct

If any Scout behaves in a destructive manner or manner that is detrimental to the learning efforts of other Scouts, his conduct will be reviewed by the Patrol Leader's Council. If expulsion is the recommendation of the PLC, the matter will be brought to the attention of the Troop Committee for final determination.

C. Court of Honor

A Court of Honor is conducted four to six times annually. At this meeting, the Boy Scout receives his merit badges and rank advancements. If the parent/guardian is unable to attend, then a close relative can act as a stand-in for the parent, provided the Scoutmaster or another committee member has been notified before the beginning of the meeting. Parents are requested to attend all Courts of Honor whether or not their sons are receiving any awards. Presence at the Court of Honor shows that you support involvement in Scouting.

3. Advancement

Advancement will be at each boy's own pace.

A. Scoutmaster's Conference

One week's notice is required for Scoutmaster Conferences. These will be conducted during the work meeting or at some other time agreed upon by the participants.. A Scoutmaster Conference must be completed at least three days in advance of a Board of Review.

B. Board of Review

A Board of Review will be held on scheduled nights monthly unless demand requires additional nights to be scheduled. You must be scheduled by the Scoutmaster to have a Board of Review at least three days in advance. You are expected to be in full Class A uniform and bring your Scout handbook with you for your Board of Review.

C. Religious Awards

All religious denominations provide a religious emblem program for Scouts. All Scouts are urged to work toward earning these emblems. The Lutheran Church awards the Lutheran Living Faith emblem. Information about these programs is provided upon request. The Scout's church presents the award, not the Troop. The following is the position statement of the Boy Scouts of America in regard to a Boy Scout's "Duty to God"; When a boy joins the Boy Scouts he pledges that "On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law..." He signs that pledge on his application. Furthermore, the twelfth point of the Scout Law--A Scout is Reverent--says; "A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others." If a boy does not subscribe to these precepts, he cannot be a Boy Scout. And, as a private membership organization, operating under the laws of this nation, we have a constitutional right to determine membership requirements and qualifications. It is not the role of the Boy Scouts of America, however, to give theological interpretations of or about God. That is the responsibility of the Scout's family and his religious leaders.

4. Campouts: (see Troop Calendar)

Troop campouts will be scheduled at least ten times a year. These are planned by the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) with the approval/supervision of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. Summer camp is held usually in June and consists of 5 camping days. The Council camp is located near Humboldt, Nebraska. Other high adventure camps may be planned for the older Boy Scouts. All Scouts who plan to attend the weekend camp-out must make a commitment on the Monday Troop meeting prior to the camp-out. Permission slips must be signed in advance of any camping activity. This is for Troop insurance reasons. Parents are frequently needed to drive troop equipment or boys to the campsites. Parent volunteers are requested. Each patrol will camp as a group in the troop campsite and will be responsible for their area of the campsite. All BSA camping etiquette will be followed and low impact camping procedures used. All persons must be prepared for the prevailing weather and activities. Each patrol pays for its own meals and assesses the cost of food among the boys attending the camp out. If a boys decides at the last minute not to attend, his money will not be refunded. If a boy decides at the last minute to go, he must bring his own food or make things square with the other boys on the camp out (if enough food was purchased to accommodate the extra person eating). Late arrivals and early departures for camp-outs will be allowed pending advance approval from the Scoutmaster. Upon returning from a camp-out, all Scouts must stay until the troop gear/equipment is properly stored. A leader will stay until the last Scout is picked up.

A. Scout Merchandise/Equipment

Scouting equipment and supplies are available from the Council office in Walton. The Boy Scouts of America has mail order catalogs as well. Used clothing/equipment is sometimes available from Troop 49 committee or various thrift shops. Each boy is expected to furnish a backpack, sleeping bag, and mess kit with utensils for his personal use. Patrol cooking equipment and tentage is provided.

B. Uniforms and insignia:

The official uniform of the Boy Scouts of America can be found described in the Boy Scout handbook. Troop 49 does not mandate a neckerchief or hat. The Scout is expected to wear the Class A uniform (official scout shirt, pants or shorts) at all Boy Scout functions and troop meetings from the second week of school in the fall to the week after school lets out in the spring. A Troop 49 red T-shirt and plain colored pants/shorts is considered a Class B uniform and allowed during the summer months and camp-outs. Proper insignia is to be worn on the uniform in accordance with the guides found on the inside covers of the Boy Scout Handbook. Merit badges should be sewn on the merit badge sash. Temporary badges may be worn one at a time. Patches indicating rank, patrol and leadership position must be kept current. If Scout chooses to wear a hat, the official ball cap or the 49er cap is acceptable. No sports team caps with Class A uniforms.

5. Financial Responsibility

A. Dues

Dues are payable annually (in October) at the time of Troop recharter. The dues pay for National registration fees, Boys' Life, troop accident insurance, all awards earned by the Boy Scout, and troop operating expenses. Camp fees, food, uniforms, books, and misc. expenses incurred by each boy are the responsibility of the boy. Boys transferring to Troop 49 are expected to pay a transfer fee and dues will be prorated.

B. Money earning projects

The Troop Committee determines which fund-raisers are indicated annually. Boys and parents are expected to participate. The proceeds from these fund-raisers are earmarked for special projects such as tents and cooking equipment.

6. Leadership

This includes the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. Leadership training is available and encouraged. A minimum of two leaders is required for all troop activities.

A. Troop Committee/Parents meeting

The Troop committee consists of parents and volunteers who fulfill the roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter, Cub Pack Liaison, Advancement, Chartered organization representative, fund raising, Scout show, Order of the Arrow, Equipment, Campsite selection, uniform exchange, and outing transportation coordinator. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings. Parents are always needed to serve on the troop committee or sub-committees in various capacities.

B. Volunteer opportunities

Merit badge counselors, special committee members and drivers are just a few of the ways for parents to assist the leaders and Troop Committee. PLEASE SHARE YOUR TALENTS AND GET INVOLVED. Your involvement will be appreciated by your son and show that you support the program you want him to be involved with. The program will be no better than you make it.


Adopted by Troop Committee: March, 1988

Revised by Troop Committee: February, 1991

Revised by Troop Committee: October, 1993

Revised by Troop Committee: January, 1997

Last revised: April 23, 1998

Last updated: 18 November 2008

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